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Become a Mason Today!

What are the requirements to become a Mason?


Although exact membership requirements may vary slightly from country to country and state to state, generally anyone meeting the following primary requirements may petition a Lodge for membership:

  1. You are an adult male at least 18 - 21 years of age, (based on the individual's jurisdiction) of good morals & character and recommended by a Mason.

  2. You firmly believe in the existence of a supreme higher power , the immortality of the soul, and the Divine authenticity of the Holy Scripture. No atheist can become a Mason!

  3. You are interested in becoming a Mason because you believe in the Constitution of the United States, and have a favorable opinion of our institution; and, your decision to apply is based on your own "free will and accord." 


How do I become a Freemason?

Just ask!


Since Masons do not recruit members and do not hold public meetings, there has long been confusion about how to join the Fraternity. Does someone ask you? Do you ask? If you meet the requirements above, it is really quite simple: Most men can become a Mason by simply asking -- -- like the first President of the United States George Washington, American actor John Wayne, U.S. astronaut "Buzz" Aldrin & John Glenn, American comedian W. C. Fields, American illusionist Harry Houdini, American automobile manufacturer Henry Ford, American pioneer Sam Houston, 5 Star American General Douglas MacArthur, Founder of J. C. Penny James C. Penny, Founder of Wendy's hamburger chain Dave Thomas, American writer Mark Twain, and Co-founder of Apple computers Steve Wozniak just to name a few. 

Each Lodge manages the membership process for its candidates. In general, candidates should seek out a Lodge to join near their home or work for convenience. This will help with attendance at meetings, studying, etc... the "Find a Lodge" feature below will help you find the nearest Lodge), or they can ask a Mason to recommend a Lodge to them. Once you've found a Lodge you would like to join, let them know of your interest and any questions you might have, and they will provide you with the next steps in the process. 

                       GOD IT'S GREAT TO BE A MASON!

  Click Here "Find a Lodge" to find yours. Do not hesitate to contact them. They will welcome your inquiry.

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