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About the Scholarship Process


                                                       Scholarship Information and Application for 2024

Scholarship Requirements:

•    Applications are accepted from all genders.  
•    All applicants must be high school graduates or equivalent that:
•    Plan to attend a college, university, or technical school within one year of graduation or getting a GED
•    Submit a 500-word essay on one of the following topics:
     1.    "How Freemasonry has Changed Your Life"
     2.    "How Freemasonry has Changed Education”    
     3.    “Is Freemasonry relevant today?”
     4.    “Charitable organizations Freemason’s support and why”
     5.    “Notable Freemasons in American History and their impact”

•    All applicants must be recommended by a Freemason in good standing, a principle or counselor of your High School, or counselor of the institution of where you achieved a GED.

** The deadline for returning your completed application and essay is March 31, 2024! **

The organization, appearance, and completeness of the application are also factors considered by the selection committee. Prospective applicants who feel they meet the criteria for eligibility and selection are invited to submit applications. Applications may be obtained through the guidance councelors at any public high school and must be received BEFORE the Deadline in order to be considered by the scholarship committee!

Click below to download the Application:

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